All-on-4 treatment

All new teeth in just 24 hours this month!

From € 4500 € 3497

  • You did not believe that you will ever recover all your teeth?
  • Will enjoy your full smile?
  • Will chew comfortably, feeling the heat and cold?
  • Will not feel the discomfort of the dentures?

Replace missing teeth with dental implants and fixed beautiful teeth in just 24 hours! Currently the most advanced All-on-4 technique helps to recover all teeth. Unlike removable plates or dentures, all the teeth fixed to the implants are stable, it is not necessary to remove them, and heat, cold and taste is felt exactly the same as with natural teeth. Besides, you will be able to eat hard food without worrying that dentures might fall out. This revolutionary, life-changing technology is the most suitable for toothless or those people with many hopeless teeth. What options can these people choose from?

Comparison with other methods


  • Only 4 implants
  • Lower price in 40-60%
  • New teeth in 24 hours
  • No bone augmentation (accretion) required
  • Only one surgical procedure (teeth are removed and implants are screwed into during the same visit)

Conventional implants

  • 6-8 and more implants
  • More expensive
  • 2-4 surgical procedures
  • Bone augmentation (accretion) is usually required
  • Prolonged treatment: 3-12 months till start of prosthodontics

Removable dentures

  • Discomfort
  • Ineffective chewing
  • Phonetics problems
  • Bone loss (due to pressure jaw bone continues to atrophy to soft tissues)

All-on-4 prosthodontics procedure


During the consultation, the overall jaw shape is evaluated and treatment is planned.


If necessary, hopeless teeth and their roots are removed. Implants are screwed into during the same visit. Temporary aesthetic plastic denture for implant treatment period is made and placed within 24 hours, which can be used, if necessary, for 1-2 years.


The price of the procedure – € 3497, the cheapest way from glum toothlessness to a happy life with real teeth and big smile!


Sutures are removed after 7-10 days.


Permanent prosthodontics procedure after 6-18 month with metal plastic or ceramic teeth.

6 Reasons to Choose All-On-4

  • You can have beautiful teeth within 1-2 days – even if you were told that you do not have enough bone for implants.​
  • Success rate – even 97 percent.
  • ​In most case, prolonged and painful bone augmentation procedures are not necessary.
  • ​The procedure is well tolerated, it may be completed within 1.5-3 hours.
  • ​The procedure can often be performed to patients with osteoporosis and diabetes, to whom bone accretion usually contraindicated.
  • You will save up 40-50 percent of funds in comparison with conventional implants and bone accretion.

A new set of real teeth for affordable price within 24 hours!

Best price guarantee in Lithuania only from € 3497!

Real teeth feeling and no discomfort!

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Treatment by instalments:

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Implantation cases Video

Our Latest work

before after

It was removed 12 damaged maxillary teeth, screwed 4 implants and after 24 hours fitted temporary denture during one visit.

before after

During one visit it was removed all of the maxillary teeth, screwed 4 implants and beared a temporary prosthesis. The result after 24 hours.



before after

Both jaws implantation and prosthetics by All on 4 treatment (temporary prosthesis)

before after

The upper jaw implantation and prosthetics by All on 4 reatment, a temporary prosthesis after 24 hours