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Vida Leleikienė

For several years, I suffered from the inconvenient removable dentures that did not comply with the mouth. Several medical institutions told me it was because of the poor condition of the bone and that they would not be able to make implants. However, doctor Tomas Stumbrys brought back the joy of life, he inserted implants on the same day and attached the old dental plate, I can chew again, and after three months I had beautiful new teeth. I want to smile again!

28 February 2015

Rita Vasiliauskaitė

Thank you very much for the new, white and very beautiful teeth! Thank you for your professionalism and a well-done job. I also thank the assistants. I would like to return here!!

5 January 2015

Tadas Skindzera

Good work, thanks Tom. I have been attending your clinic for more than 12 years and I always go out with a smile. Good luck and follow on!

7 July 2014

Vincentina Kulaitienė

Despite my respectable age, in one single visit my decayed teeth were removed, four implants threaded and fitted prosthesis at the same day. I was not without teeth any single day, and now I am glad with my new zirconium ceramic teeth. I am fascinated by the work of the clinic's staff, respect for the patient, warm working relationships. I wish you continued success in every business hours and days-off.

2 June 2015

Diana Mikalauskaitė

Thank you very much to the entire staff, doctor Tomas, doctor Jurate. Golden hands, optimism and good humour are things that healed me. Thank you! Now I can smile, teeth are as my own, thank you!

11 November 2015

Valdas Juškevičius

Thanks to all the doctors and clinic's staff for the excellent service with high performance of culture and the returned smile. It was worth traveling all those kilometres so that I could smile and regain my self-esteem!

11 November 2014

World and European Rowing Champion Donata Vištartaitė

Thanks to Jurate and the entire staff for the performed services and procedures. I wish further success in your work!

22 October 2015

Lilija Andrijevskaja

Golden hands of doctor Tomas! I am so happy that I can smile widely again! Many thanks to Tomas and the wonderful staff for this excellent result.

28 October 2015

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